We love our furry friends.


Bella is the house dog. She is a border/lakeland Terrier. She loves a gentle cuddle and tummy rub. If you're lucky enough she may sit on your knee or bring you a toy to play with.

Roxy is our wild child who comes to stay occasionally. She is a Schnauzer/lakeland Terrier. She is ball mad, and loves to play. She will try to train you to throw the Ball.

Milo is Lee's dog. He is a full border terrier. Great with kids but not so sure of other dogs hence you dont see him very often.



Bella's Friends came to visit this weekend. Barney the gorgeous black lab, and Dash her brother from another mother :)

21/12/2018 Norman the Dachshund and Frank The Frenchie :) both gorgeous. 

29.12.2018 Charming Archie, the Jackie Russell, who is as laid back as Bella.

21.01.2019  Truffle and Dexter 2 Gorgeous King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. So cute